What is your cloud-stone score?

+50 Read Cloud Shifters buy on Amazon
+50 Read Lynn’s Dragon Ranch
+50 Read a Martial Arts Book
+15 Wrote a review
+5 1 set of 50 push ups
+5 1 set of 30 specialized push ups. Visit Wikidrills for more ideas.
+10 liked Pottle’s Author Facebook page
+10 signed up here for new release notifications
+5 for every friend you recommended a Pottle book to. (Think of a someone that reminds you of one of the characters.)
+15 if you loan out your personal copy
+25 if you gift a new copy

Thank you for all of your support!

50-69 stones = Supporter, 70-99 stone s= Active Supporter, 100-149 stones = Fan, 150-199 stones = Active Fan, 200+ stones = Super Fan!

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