Cloud Shifters Video Game

iconWe are happy to announce the Official Cloud Shifters Video Game for XBox One and Windows 10!

The game is a Zelda-type Puzzle/Adventure RPG where Cadin explores the Cloud Lands, earns his wings, and faces off against Tiberius and the Tlalocks! You can also check out Cloud Shifters on Amazon.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has stopped supporting its Project Spark, the engine that runs the Cloud Shifters Game. This means you may need a couple of extra steps in order to play. Contact Me if you need any help getting things up and running. We will add video tutorials in the future.



Windows 10

Step 1. Get Project Spark –  If you already have it, great! If you don’t currently have it, you will have to sideload through a script. You can find the script and instructions here.

Step 2. Get the CloudShifters Levels

  • Method A (Fastest/Easiest) Download Cloud Shifters Levels directly, unzip and place them in C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Dakota_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\Dakota\levels
  • Method B (Best) – Download and install the SparkShare Program. This will allow you to access thousands of different games for free.

We recommend that you use the Xbox Controller when playing on PC. There is one bug with the controller. In order to fix it you need to use ALT-TAB to take the focus away from the Project Spark window. You can make another window (ie Chrome) small and click on it. Hover the mouse over the Project Spark icon in the bottom bar. When the preview window comes up, the controller will work again.

Xbox One – Unfortunately, due to Microsoft’s decision new players can no longer play Cloud Shifters on the XBox. You will need to find someone who already has it, or come visit Katie’s house!




Get to the top of the moving platforms in Cloud Wheel 5.0 in order to earn one of the trophies at school.


Gur will follow you into Tiberius’s Lair, but watch out for the pusher Gins!


Challenge yourself with an Epic Battle in the Monster Arena to earn special prizes to aid your quest.




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