Ellechor Authors

Ellechor Authors

Here are some great authors from Ellechor who write Christian books

Charles Specht – www.charlesspecht.com– Lifestyle Leadership. Author of Revealed: God’s Will For Your Life

Dianna Bensonhttp://www.diannatbenson.com/ – Author of The Hidden Son

Nathan Lumbatis – http://nathanlumbatis.com/ – Author of Daniel and the Sun Sword.

Nathan has an awesome blog tour going on now. Check out his info below for Daniel and the Sun Sword:


Title: Daniel and the Sun Sword Blog Tour Day 6: Book Trailer and Summary

Daniel 2


Thirteen-year-old Daniel is about to be adopted. But when he learns his new family wants him as a slave, he runs away with the help of his new neighbors, the naïve and cowardly Ben, and Raylin, a mysterious girl with a shady past. He begins to second-guess his decision, however, when the cave they hide in transports them to the ruins of Machu Picchu, where they find themselves embroiled in a battle between ancient gods of Life and Death. To top things off, the God of Life draws Daniel into the fray by adopting him as his son and setting him on a quest to complete a broken, mystical sword, a task that will pit him against the god of the underworld.

Now, Daniel and his friends have just one weekend to find the shards before a hoard of supernatural enemies catch up. But that’s not all they face. A trap has been set that even Daniel wouldn’t expect, and he just took the bait. Will the power of his Heavenly Father be enough to save them?


www.nathanlumbatis.com (Signed copies ordered directly from Nathan’s website are 20% off from now until December 24th)

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Nathan grew up in the woods of Alabama, where he spent his time exploring, hiking, and dreaming up stories. Now, as a child/adolescent therapist and author, he’s teaching kids and teens how to redeem their stories using Biblical principles. He still lives in Alabama, where you will find him with his wife and three kids every chance he gets.

Blog Tour Schedule: (Click on name to go to their blog)

​ A) D&SS Blog Tour Day 1: ​Peter Younghusband

​B) ​D&SS Blog Tour Day 2:Ashlee Willis

​C) ​D&SS Blog Tour Day 3: ​David Bergsland 

​D) ​D&SS Blog Tour Day 4 Brent King 

​E) ​D&SS Blog Tour Day 5: ​Mikelyn Bolden

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